mandag 19. april 2010

Velsignet tur til Serbia

Pastor Sasha Vitakic, vår kontaktmann og koordinator for møtene i det sentrale og sørlige Serbia, skriver dette etter vårt besøk i helga. Vi gir Gud all ære, og kan bare si at det er et privilegium å få betjene mennesker under den Hellige Ånds ledelse.
"Very rarely in my ministry I come across a man with such spiritual sensitivity like brother Oeystein Sandtorv. On the weekend of 16.-19. April 2010 he came with his wife Edith to central Serbia and ministered in four different cities - in Chachak, our brand new church plant, in Pozarevac, in Kragujevac and in our main church in Kraljevo. In every place brother Oeystein ministered with powerful prophetic anointing and his words were rhema words for all these churches. His prophetic sermons were so accurate, so spot on, that all of us feel greatly blessed and encouraged.

Our believers will never forget how God powerfully touched them while brother Oeystein individually prayed and ministered to them after each sermon through the gift of prophecy and the word of knowledge. The words he said to them were life-changing to many.

Personally my wife Sara and I feel great privilege to know and be friends with brother Oeystein and sister Edith, such great and, at the same time, humble servants of God, who God is using so mightily throughout Balkan region." Pastor Sasha Vitakic

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