søndag 6. mars 2011

Dramatc testimony.

I just received this dramatic report from our contact in Kenya.

Dearest Oeystein and Edith

Thank you for prayers for my family. We feel that the devil is attacking our family this month when my dad started to feel sick with Malaria and i took him to hospital where he spent almost two weeks followed by myself sick of Malaria and later Benter has been feeling stomach pain and dehydrating and feeling headache and when she went to the hospital for a test she was told that she is not having malaria and that she must have used untreated waters and so is suffering from constipation etc which to us is not a reality. Right now Benter is not having appetite for food and she is weak and looks depressed.

Then I went to Kisumu to see the children at Manna Academy and arrange for food supply for the school because we had to agree with someone to supply them and be paid when we have got the money. Rodgers acommpanied me to Kisumu and on Thursday we were there with my parents. On Friday night at around 9 pm a group of 4 men jumped into out home and raided right into our dads house and one of them with a gun came to my house and ordered us all into my dads house and then commanded that everyone must lie down or else they shoot us dead, the had Machine guns AK 47 and a pistol and the other one remained outside the home with another big gun. They started to search our pockets and took all our personal belongings like phones, wallets , money that we had in our pockets and bag of clothes, and my shoes and all clothes of Rodgers that he took with him to the rural.

They also took my laptop and the broadband which i carried with me. They said that they must kill me because I am preaching the gospel and that we are thinking that we are maing people give their lives to Jesus and that they have been sent and paid money to make sure they kill me before all the members of the gang got saved. They are worried that people who are bad are giving their lives to Jesus and the one who sent them is their leader and thinks that I am making his team members to walk from him to Jesus Christ through the gospel meetings , gospel tracts and other gospel activities to we do in that village,

They locked everyone including my dad and mom in the house and said to them to say byee to me because they were going to kill me and they even showed my mum if she want to find my body where they will find it the next day. I walked out with them and in my heart i kept praying and praising God that its good to know that what we are doing is causing trouble in the Kingdom of darkness. I asked my mum to stay calm even though she kept screeming and calling on Gods Name. Then they threw me into their vehicle but then on trying to ignite the car the car did not start even after they had tried much, then they threw me out and the car started and they said to me that they will be back and ran away without hurting me. I want to believe that God sent His angels of war with many guns that these men saw and ran away without hurting me.

My life is kept in the Lord and that is the safest place that it should be. I dont regret being in the Lord and having Him as my shield and hope.

Everyday i pray Psalms 91 over my life and read Ephesians 6 :10,11 ,12 and pray

I am now trusting God again for another laptop that I can use for communication for ministry and I am also requesting you to resend me your cell phones that i can save again after losing my phone also to them together with contacts.

I am going to pray now and apply Proverbs 6:31 to claim back what the devil has stolen from me. Please join me to pray that God will prove His word in my situation.

Loving you in the Lord Jesus

Maurice and Benter
Manna Ministries International