mandag 7. desember 2009

A Prophetic Word for Durdenovac.

As I was preparing myself for my message Sunday night, Dec. 6th.2009, these words from the Lord came to me for Durdenovac.
In humbleness I pass them on to you.
Yours in Christ, brother Oeystein Sandtorv.

I will bring you back to life.
I will bring you back to harmony with Me, says the Lord.
I am calling you Durdenovac, from death to life. From Darkness into My light.
I will restore you. I will bring the scattered bones together again.
I will restore broken relationship.
I will raise you up in unity and harmony with Me, - and with one another.
I will breath on you with My breath.
With My Spirit, says the Lord.
And you will understand what life is, -real life-, in fellowship with Me.
And there will be joy, -exceedingly joy.
Because I have come to you.
And for Me, says the Lord, nothing is impossible.
I can do it. And I will do it.
Because I do not depend on others opinion.
I am the Lord, and I do as I please.
I have come to this place to set people free.
I have come to bring people back to life.
My children, says the Lord: Can these dry bones of Durdenovac get life again?
My Children, be My voice to these dry bones, and call them back to life.
Prophesy over them, says the Lord.
I am God, and I am your Lord.
And I am calling you into my ministry of reconsiliation.
I am calling you tonight. I am calling you to dedicate yourself for the ministry.
For I am already calling by My Spirit on the dry bones.
I will bring them back, says the Lord, back to life,
back to fellowship with me and one another.
But My house must be ready. My people must be ready.
And I will do miracles, says the Lord.
And eyes of the heart will be opened, and people will see Me.
My people. It´s time to get ready.
For I will do it, and I will not delay, says the Lord.

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