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Rapport fra Manna Ministries, Kenya.

We at Manna Ministries Kenya we are so thankful to the Lord for Good News Ministiries and Tonstad Church Norway for sending Dr. Oeystein and Edith Sandtorv together with Sister Signy and her Daughter Silje to our Ministry here in Kenya. We had a very wonderful time together as we serve God here in various activities .

These were the great services we enjoyed with the servants of God from Norway

1. Feeding programme:

Our friends bought foodstuff for the children of Glorious Junior Centre and help in serving the food practically as they share there Love with the children especially the children of Glorious Junior Center. Now the food that sister Signy helped purchase will take the children about another month. They also got the chance to visit the new land that the Tonstad Church purchased earlier for GJC for possible school building since renting the current school premises has proved to be a very big hurdle for the teachers and children of GJC to meet each month .

Stationery supply:

Besides food that was distributed our friends /partners from Norway also extended to donate books, pencils and Sharpeners to the more than 150 pupils of GJC. We then met the architect who had made a sketchy plan of the proposed Glorious Junior Center building and we discussed approximated costs that will be involved in the first floor of the same building that will enable the school to be moved.

2. Leaders Conference

Thanks to Dr. Oeystein, the word that you gave has left a mark in the lives of hundreds of church leaders amongst them Bishops and pastors here in Kenya and so far within just a short time many requests has reached our office from many church leaders humbly and desperately requesting you to come each year to continue equipping the saints in Kenya for their effective service for the Lord.Your teachings especially on the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and NATURE OF GOD was spirit filled , powerful and life changing for many many church leaders here . This is a subject that has a lot of controversy here and which many denominations have problems in and through your teachings it was like an eye opener and the leaders was able to see the clear TRUTH of God regards this subject. They want more and more and only that can happen if the Lord releases you to come back to us again and again and also if you are able to assist us to access your manuals especially for those who were not in the meeting.

3. Certificates.

The certificates and Manuals you gave out for free with certificates is still being felt even after you had left thank you Dr. Oyestine for the Holy Spirit conference you had here with our Church Leaders.

Now the leaders will use the manuals you gave out to teach their congregations starting with their church leaders. Thank you again for the manuals.

4. Land.

To the tonstard Church we still lack words to say THANK YOU , for the young Girl whom God used to initiated the project at helping GJC children. Sister Silje from our hearts every one is uttering Blessings to you and the families at Philadephia Tonstad Church in Norway for the generous support you show to us. Now GJC has a land ready for a building for the school.

5. Orphans and widows

In Manna centre every one said thank you the orphans and Widows are singing good songs for you. They say thank you for the clothes you sent to them , special thanks to all those who contributed to them to have new clothes to them it was new clothes.

Manna ministries Kenya and the entire staff we receive you as part of our family ,thank you for choosing us and our ministry to work with us . We are praying that God has just begun to do the good things.

We Love you and appreciate your love and concern for us.

Yours In Christ

Maurice and Manna Ministries family

Manna Ministries Kenya

Pictures: 1: From the seminar for Bishops, pastors and other christian leaders.
2: A 4 m high poster announced the seminar.
3: From Glorious Junior cedntre. They desperately need a new school-building.

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